24 Dec

As you all know I go to school from 8 30 am to 4pm Tuesdays Saturday since im a full-time student which is just oh so fun:) NOT!!! I must admit I miss having ample time  on my hands to ponder and wonder however, I know that by going to school im bettering myself in the long run. As for this 3 DAY SO CALLED VACATION I have decided im going to spend it writings n my blog and fulling up the pages with all the thoughts and ideas I get over time. originally I thought oh everyday after school im going to write a great post. In reality everyday after school im TIRED AS HELL ( excuse my french:)) which means I come home shower and fall asleep literally. Time to make up for the 4 weeks and I must say its worth every second, truly. SO what plans do you have for your winter vacation TELL ME In the comments. I wanna Know:)


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