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Review:Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

13 Dec

Hello all you beautiful people out there I have been using Tresemme for a while now about 3 years and i was SO upset with myself for just passing it by when i when see it on the shelves. First things first I find that if you already have a great hair and you need a little love TRESEMME has your back! Now Tresemme does contain WAX yes WaX so that’s one reason why it does make your hair soft and for some people even shiny. I love there products and i don’t care what anyone says ill-use them till they stop making then when your on a budget or cheap as hell its one of the best drug store Shampoo/Conditions out there. The tresemme luxurious moisture is not only hydrating but i feel kinda like a tingle when it’s sitting on my hair for 3 minutes 🙂 i love this Oh and yea I don’t actually let it sit for 3 mins  i usually let it sit for about 10 because i get better results this way. So there a tip for anyone interested and i also have curly ethnic hair so if your hair usually isn’t strong enjoy to take the pain 3 mins should be good enough. This products also contains vitamin E and the formula is support to be Advanced the older one Tresemme  Rich Moisture is basically the old formula. So yea i would have to rate this products with a 10 mainly because, it always just does what I need it to do strengthen, moisture and condition my hair so its true Luster will show.

disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and these are my true opinions.


Review on Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

12 Dec

Works Great

Disclaimer: I am not paid to review this item and i used my own money to purchase this product. I have been wearing this foundation for a very long time now and it works the best for me. I get full coverage which i need it doesnt give me any extra troubles and most of all it does fit my complextion. I am a number 011 i have combination oly skin in case your wondering so YES this products is greta if your on a budget it retails for about 12.00 at Target however if you go to Walmart its like 9.99 so it just depends on where you want ot shop. This product is fragrance and oil free it comes with a pump which i also love because nothing can get into the container which is imporant. Well this is my review on this product tell me what you think about this products and which ones you love the most. Chow!