Getting To Know Me More

I love writing when i get the chance many times i sit down to write and writer block kicks my ass I hate when im unable to form a complete thought. Since I started School writing like many things has taken the back sit most of the time when i write its like a great escape from what i know is all to  be painful to deal with. Mirrors the size of Rome could reflect on all the past deeds i wish i could erase from my mind however its impossible. Trapped in side myself i try hard to free the part of me that is still bound my childhood and free by curiosity. When I write I am Alice in Wonderland, I am jack and the bean stock, The big bad wolf wouldn’t dare step huff and puff on my words. I can actually remember early reading every book i could get my hands on if  I struggled with a book I’d only study harder, at one point i was stealing books from school so i would always have a book to get lost in and never have to come back to reality. The first book I remember reading was called, ” Where the side-walk ends”. I miss those days.


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