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24 Dec

As you all know I go to school from 8 30 am to 4pm Tuesdays Saturday since im a full-time student which is just oh so fun:) NOT!!! I must admit I miss having ample time  on my hands to ponder and wonder however, I know that by going to school im bettering myself in the long run. As for this 3 DAY SO CALLED VACATION I have decided im going to spend it writings n my blog and fulling up the pages with all the thoughts and ideas I get over time. originally I thought oh everyday after school im going to write a great post. In reality everyday after school im TIRED AS HELL ( excuse my french:)) which means I come home shower and fall asleep literally. Time to make up for the 4 weeks and I must say its worth every second, truly. SO what plans do you have for your winter vacation TELL ME In the comments. I wanna Know:)


My First Week Of Cosmetology School(Beauty School) Update 1

11 Dec

Hey all you lovely people so My First week of school is over! Yes its over and a lot has happen so Starting with Tuesday-Saturaday these are the days i go to school:)

TUESDAY November 29 8:30-4:00pm

I was so prepared happy and nervous all at the same time until i realized that so much talking was happen and not much learning everyone told me that’s how the first day was so sucky i mean we did learn how to proper give a Scalp Treatment  with tea tree oil. I of course I water all over the freaking floor which was so embarrassing no and yes people were laughing but, everyone understood it was my first day. The new people were paired with a student who had been there at least 6 weeks longer so the girl i was working with understood i was still learning. Everyone gets water on the floor especially when the client is TALL. So yea Tuesday wasn’t the best however, My teachers are freaking awesome.:)

WENSDAY November 30 8:30-400pm

I have to classes i go to by schedule theory and practical Wednesdays and Fridays are my theory day however we are only in there for 2 hours and we usually learns  a lot which is why i love when im there. I have a completly different teacher when im in theory unlike practical when i have 2 teachers both from huge Beauty backgrounds and pounds of experience. In theory we began learning about Haircoloring and also how important it is to use the correct terms when asking a question and explaining to clients what processes we will be using.

THUESDAY December 1, 2011

Coloring our Doll Heads with gel and any other cheap materials just so we can get use to the consistency and learn the over all application then we began using Real Color which kicks ass. I used the color Violet which is in this season.

Friday Dec. 2 2011

Took test in theory and more study time yay me. Also i prepared for my first salon day Saturday

Saturday Dec. 3 2011

Today was my first Salon Day and it went great thank GOD! i had 3 friends come in.:)