Whats Really Going on In Cosmetology School

Hey So your all hyped up about starting Cosmetology School you have found the perfect school in great community your full of inspiration and passion. I bet your bursting inside to just get a taste of school, the first day just isn’t getting here fast enough and no matter how many YouTube videos you watch about other girls and guys going to Cosmo school your just on the end of your sit. Well sit down and shut up because im going to tell you NOW its true what they say every school is different and every school is going to have its ups and downs. I love my Teachers and a few associates ive made over  the las t 4 weeks however, im thankful that I am at a point in my life where i know the difference between a good friend and smile in my face friend that will be there until im not needed. Many of us go to College with this idea that we have to survive and what i realized quick was that it’s not about surviving Cosmetology School its growing and understanding that the same BS that got your through High School won’t get you through College or the real world. These are years we have to start putting childish things away and pave a path so we can not only inspire someone else by our work but, get the most out of the education we are fortunate to have. When People ask me what really goes on in cosmetology School I tell me the same as a Traditional College just most women and hairspray.


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